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Position: Business Analyst

Salt light LLC (d/b/a Hearty Teriyaki) is hiring full-time Business Analyst to work in our office at Newton, MA. Job duties include but not limited to:

  • Perform business intelligence analysis on collected data through mathematical, statistical and analytical methods to provide reports as well as marketing/sales plans for the company’s business development. (25%)

  • Develop concepts into business plans utilizing appropriate research techniques, methodologies and experience to establish metrics, sales strategies, sales projections and proposals and present them to management with recommendation for implementation and improvements (20%)

  • Design interactive dashboards in Excel and Tableau to create analytical solutions that improve efficiency and enhance visibility of key performance metrics; identify and validate the appropriate analytics tools and solutions for various reporting needs. (20%)

  • Perform data mining; collect, monitor, validate and manage business intelligence data, including data of restaurant industry, market, competitors, historical transaction and market trend from primary and secondary sources. (10%)

  • Maintain business intelligence analysis models, library of model documents, database, tools and systems. (10%)

  • Monitor the trends of restaurant industry, business and technology and make sure the company stay abreast of the trends. (15%)


  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Business Analytics or a related field of study.

  • Knowledge of data mining model (ANOVA, multiple linear regression) for marketing analysis: RFM, Clustering, Market Basket Analysis, decision tree analysis, multiple linear regression, logistic regression.

  • Knowledge of data analysis process and skill: data preprocess, Time series analysis, EDA.

  • Knowledge of tools for tracking industry trends, such as Google Alerts and Google Trends.

  • Knowledge of data engineering skill to ensure all data are stored appropriately.

  • Knowledge of marketing research and analysis: create surveys for collecting both quantitative and qualitative information, identify the key measurements, create data matrix for further analysis.

  • Knowledge of business operations, value chain management, supply chain management, strategic management, and strategic information system planning.

  • Data manipulation and visualization skills with: R/R Studio, MS Excel and their package; Tableau, Google Data Studio.

  • Proficient in statistical analysis software tool: R/R studio, and writing, debugging and maintaining R code in R studio.

  • Skills in telling stories using analytical result and excellent strategic presentation skills.

  • Detail-focused and business minded.

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